Business process management tools for your company

Business process management tools represent a class of corporate information systems that automate the process of company management and business efficiency. These tools help to manage the diversity of business processes existing in the enterprise. With their help, it becomes possible to create visual graphical schemes, analyze the situation and optimize the activities of an organization. As a result, the company’s information technology department can model existing business processes and introduce new ones in order to make the company more flexible and capable to adapt quickly to changes in the business environment. That’s why big players in all markets began to implement BPM systems more actively.

The creators of BPM tools provide a number of significant advantages:

  • simplicity in training the company’s employees;
  • the accelerated impact from implementation due to the fact that BPM tools recompense themselves quickly;
  • management control of the situation;
  • effective time management and clear delineation of tasks for performers at linear levels.

When choosing a BPM tool suitable for a particular company, it is necessary to take into consideration the needs of the organization’s business processes and the opportunities for their further improving.


Bpm’online is an intelligent platform for business process management, which is combined with case management technologies. Its tools are designed to enhance the work in companies of all sizes. The BPMN notation, recognized as the world standard, is used for modeling. This is one of the most flexible and scalable solutions among similar systems, supporting a clear and effective methodology, with powerful integration tools and a large number of specialized solutions for different industries that can be easily integrated with the contact center.

The system includes ready-made sales management processes: from short orders to long corporate deals. Using CRM tools on BPM platform, you will be able to lead the customer from the phase of attracting and acquaintance with the company to the completeness of order and the subsequent service. The architecture of the system is based on the most advanced technologies, which allows configuring the system on the bpm’online platform for modeling and automating any specific business processes of the company and flexible adaptation of the system to the features of every particular business.

The platform provides technical specialists with a wide range of tools for the development and maintenance of the system. At the same time, the application security is provided by the ability to configure access rights by roles, support for the SSL cryptographic protocol (secure HTTPS protocol), and restrict access to objects and records.

The system has been widely recognized by key industry analysts and received multiple awards. Any additional information is available on

IBM Business Process Manager

IBM Business Process Manager is an integrated business process management tool that provides an effective solution for creating, testing and deploying business processes, as well as an overall picture for managing them. It combines the functionality of systems that are focused on people interaction and the integration of IT tools.

The IBM Business Process Manager provides a unified repository for managing business processes, related artifacts and components for authors, administrators and users, and a run-time environment.

There are three product editions that support a different level of the task complexity:

– IBM BPM Express;

– IBM BPM Standard;

– IBM BPM Advanced.

Different product configurations meet the various tasks of the enterprise, and the user can choose the most suitable ones.

Bizagi BPM Suite

Bizagi BPM Suite is a free software product for business process modeling as well as preparing documentation for them. The system is very popular. Bizagi BPM Suite consists of components that perform particular functions:

– Bizagi Process Modeler – processes designer;

– Bizagi Studio –processes automation;

– Bizagi BPM Server – processes execution.

All three software products serve the complete lifecycle of business processes: modeling, execution, and improvement.

This application allows visualization of BPMN diagrams, models and documents.  Depending on the needs, processes and business rules can be adjusted in real time using the components of the working portal. Moreover, the Bizagi system offers a set of tools for creating a graphic model. The model is located in the server store, interpreted and executed via a web application on the Bizagi BPM server. The web application automatically reflects the changes – where and when the process was modified.


Odoo is a tightly-integrated business application platform which includes:

– sales and customer management (CRM & Sales);

– personnel management;

– warehouse and procurement management;

– financial management;

– project management

It is important to note that all these modules do not represent separate independent applications, all the tools are tightly integrated, and this prevents the so-called “patchwork automation” when the required system combines various unrelated components.

Besides, Odoo is a BPM tool for developing new applications, if necessary, closely integrated with the existing ones.