Why Your Company Needs Chatbots

If you’ve overseen or worked in customer service for any length of time, you know that most customer service representatives get asked the same, repetitive questions. While the purpose of having customer service representatives is to answer your customers’ questions, dividing the labor of answering questions between your human employees and automated chatbots for customer service can help cut down on your labor costs and use employees where they are most needed.

What Exactly is a Customer Service Chatbot?

A chatbot is an online customer service robot that uses natural language processing, or NLP, to understand and answer a customer’s typed questions. The bot is able to respond similarly to the way a person would type. Because chatbots operate independently, they can answer some of the more straightforward customer questions that would normally be directed to a customer service representative. The bots can also direct customers to contact a representative if their questions appear to be too complex.

How Can Chatbots Cut Down on Costs?
Some sources claim that customer service chatbots can cut down on overall business costs up to 29 percent. While this exact figure is disputed, the fact remains that using automated chatbots for a portion of your customer service workforce can save your company a significant amount in labor costs.

This savings does not necessarily come from replacing your customer service workforce. While chatbots can help reduce the number of straightforward questions your representatives have to answer, there are some customer questions that are complex enough to warrant a representative answering them. However, as discussed below, using chatbots for your customer interaction needs can help you to optimize your workforce.

How Can Chatbots Help You Optimize Your Workforce?

An optimal workforce has each worker where he or she is most needed. Since chatbots can answer simple questions, they allow you to place customer service representatives where they can answer more complex questions. Additionally, because the bots free up a portion of your workforce, you may be able to train outstanding customer service representatives to move up through the company and serve as specialists in cross-sell, upsell, and other capacities.

You may be concerned that using chatbots will require you to lay off a large portion of workers, but this is rarely the case. Instead, because chatbots take over some of the mundane aspects of customer service, your representatives will be free to take on other roles where their expertise is consistently put to good use. They likely will also appreciate not having to answer the same simple questions throughout the course of the day.

In summation, while some may worry that chatbots will take over the jobs of customer service personnel, the fact is that these additional to your workforce will only allow current employees to work where they are most needed. By leaving the more straightforward questions to the chatbots, you will find that your customers have an efficient and pleasant experience, that your employees can grow to their full potential, and that you save substantially on labor costs.


Choosing the Right Digital Signage Display for your Deployment

It is imperative to choose the correct digital signage display for the success of any deployment. Because it is the face of the deployment, it should depict its true nature. In digital signage, content may be a key. However, some people can argue that context is also imperative in digital signage. Either way, the king won’t have clothes without the digital signage displays that satisfy the deployment put in place. For this reason, here are tips to choosing the best display that can suit your deployment needs. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. See if you Require Commercial-Grade Displays

The main considerations many buyers have is whether to acquire the commercial-grade products. They also consider if they can make effective use of the consumer-grade televisions for their display needs. The needs of the business circle these considerations as well as the uptime expectations and duty cycle of the digital signage display. If you operate 24/7 work environments, you expect the signage to be easy to maintain or service, to be rugged enough to deal with the daily use, and to be useful for years before you choose.

2. The Physical Scale of the Installation

Once you have decided on the decision to choose the commercial-grade solutions, many possibilities come into play concerning the physical size you want to install for the function. Ask yourself if you want to create a focal point in your environment where you activate the wall with movement and color. Look if you want to create something artistic in the space set aside for the digital signage. You can achieve this by adding a sculptural array of video behind the bar or by placing a ribbon of video around the store. Many visualization tools that make the visualization tools easier is the ease of installation. For more information, look at this top post.

3. Viewing Distance from the Installation

This is an aspect that is related to the video wall or video screen scale. It is the space to be installed and about the viewing distance where the visitors will be viewing. The perceived quality is directly related to the viewing distance. For some displays, pictures will not be visible at some distances. For a high-resolution tablet display or a desktop monitor, the distance is often placed within some few feet. It could be some feet away for a large view wall. If it is an installation for touch screen, expect the users to approach the wall directly. Understanding the closeness of the users will make the integrators to select the correct size and resolution to achieve the maximum pixel density.

4. The Visitor’s Experience You Desire

This is the most important consideration because it should e n the mind of the integrator all the time during the process. Understand what you want to accomplish with these digital signage display installations. If you understand this, you will answer questions regarding complexity, scope, and project budget.

Focusing on the physical size, the commercial requirements of the installation and the user behavior are the key factors to achieve the best for your clients with such displays.

Hints and Tips for Sending Packages Abroad!

When you go to a foreign country to spend your vacation moments away from your home, it is often common to have your packages sent and received in the country of destination to and from your loved ones. However, it is not often easy to send and receive packages internationally as it can sound o most. Sometimes, some of the things you send are sent to you can take forever to reach your end due to customs. However, that is just how it goes concerning international packages.

Things to Remember

The most frequent problem faced by people, especially those that receive packages from back home through various countries customs are often subject to certain fees. Many governments have a special tax allocated o anything that is seen as valuable. For this reason, they can also decide to inspect and open that package. Even if that package was sent by a private carrier company or an express company, the package will pass through the government customs and get the judgment before it is released to the receiver. it
Whenever you are waiting for anything valuable in a parcel to arrive, there are many chances that you will get a notification letter that will inform you about the date you expect the item to arrive. In this case, the letter often comes with a bill that needs to be cleared before the item is shipped to you. As you can see from the statements above, these unexpected taxes and fees can add up to the total cost of sending a parcel overseas. You can try to read the full info here to avoid some of these extra charges.

• Parcels that are marked as gifts often have a minimized value for taxes when they arrive in the customs

  • Try checking the product online before you decide to purchase it in your original country. In this case, you can send them the money or buy it for them online in their respective destination countries. This action will cut the costs significantly as well as eliminating the hassle associated with sending the parcels overseas.
  • When indicating the actual value of the parcel to be sent, always make it lower than it is. However, you can do this within a reasonable range.
  • If the package you are sending is insured, he item will be held at the customs to accrue some taxes because it is deemed as a valuable good or item.
  • When marking the items to be sold, be sure that they are marked as items that cannot attract attention. You can call them old personal items or toiletries.
  • Before sending the items, remove all the plastic packaging and price tags just in case the customs decide to open your goods as it is their obligation under the international law.
  • For express shipments, you can prefer the use of UPS to FedEx. This is because Ups operates in many countries than FedEx that has local functionality.
  • Avoid sending vitamins because the customs always stop them for taxation.
    In the end, it is less expensive o send one big box than sending several small boxes at the same time.


Great Content Helps a Website’s SEO Goals

Crafting content for a website seems like a cut and dry proposition. Commercial websites — websites published to support a business — do not embrace the prose common to a spy novel. In other words, the text on the page provides basic information and is not intended to be flowery, hyperbolic, or entertaining. People reading the landing page of any business’ website seek out information. So, the text must tell the tale of the business rather simply.

This does not mean, however, boring, dull, or overly clinical content should be used. Dull content runs the risk of being unoriginal. The search engines do not exactly like dull content. Sites with boring content paraphrasing text similar business websites present may end up suffering from weak ranking placement in the search engines.

Improving the Content

The content of a website must be appealing to the search engines. Otherwise, the amount of traffic derived from the website won’t be all that great.

The landing page of a business’ website must get a few basic things across or else visitors may be confused and leave. Therefore, basic language would be most helpful on the homepage. Being a little too basic might hurt the cause of being ranked well in the search engines. A plumbing company with the words “Leaks and clogs fixed. Fair prices. Just call us for your plumbing needs” hardly reflect anything groundbreaking. People already know plumbing companies fix leaks and perform other basic tasks.

Punching up the dialog, to borrow a screenwriting expression, might boost the impressions gained by reading the text on the homepage. “Problem leaks ruining your daily plans? Call our team of plumbing pros for a stop-leak solution TODAY!” captures attention to a greater degree. The uniqueness of the writing may also appeal more to the search engines as well.

Overhaul the Text

All the text on a website should be improved and made original. This includes various category pages along with the main page and the “about us” page. Changing the prose might require a professional hand. Skilled website advertising writers should can revamp the text in a manner that suits both the search engines and the reader. With the search engines thrilled, more traffic results. More readers come from the added traffic. Solid writing impresses the readers. The website now has better marketing value. The process really is simple. Why not find out more by asking a SEO firm for assistance?

Why the Search Engines Like Original Content

The search engines are big on websites and text that deliver value. Several years ago, people would publish very low-quality content and find their websites ranking high due to keyword stuffing and massive link buying. The search engine results would then be home to some truly awful websites, which doesn’t reflect well on the search engines. So, more emphasis is placed on giving solid ranking to websites with excellent content. Who could blame the search engines for smiling favorably on such sites? Follow their advice and work on making the content of a website look solid and fresh.